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Fixers Japan is always available to answer your inquiries and we strive to do so as fast as possible. We have listed some FAQs to better assist in providing you with faster answers.

 Our rate

  • Fixers Japan works on a flat rate system (daily rate per fixer) a majority of the time but on occasion it must be commissioned based dependent on the size of project, locations requested and your needs and pre-booking terms. Book with Fixers Japan soon and get the best deals and get a wider range of available staff.

 What is Fixers Japan’s Cancellation Policy?

Production Fieldwork:

A 10-day cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival, otherwise a cancellation fee will be assessed.
Have a look at our cancellation fee schedule.

10- days ahead of scheduled arrival
A 10% fee will be assessed.
7-9 days ahead of scheduled arrival
A 30% fee will be assessed
2-6 days ahead of scheduled arrival
A 50% fee will be assessed
1 day ahead of schedule arrivals and No Shows
A 100% fee will be assessed

Preproduction Research:

For any preproduction research we have started a 100% fee will be assessed

Rental Car:

Cancellation fees will not apply if you contact Fixers Japan 8 days ahead of scheduled rental car time (JST). The cancellation fee will vary based on your discussed rental car plan.

Rental Equipment:

Rental Equipment cancellation fees will be assessed as per the following:

8-9 days ahead
A 10% fee will be assessed
6-7 days ahead
A 30% fee will be assessed
3-5 days ahead
A 50% fee will be assessed
Within 2 days ahead
A 100% fee will be assessed

 How can Payments be made?

Cash payment:

Cash payments are welcome in the Tokyo area and we have a 5% special discount for preproduction and production work.
*This will not apply for car and equipment rental cost. Fixers outside of Tokyo cannot accept cash payments.
Ex. To calculate your discount on cash payments:
(¥100,000 + 10% Tax) – 5% discount

Bank Wire Transfers:

Bank transfers are welcome! Please note that a fee of ¥10,000 will be assessed and applied to your invoice for international remittance fees and lifting charges and handling fees by our account administration.

Online Credit Card Payments:

We accept American Express, Visa and MaterCard with 4% handling charge.
Payments by credit card must be fulfilled within 3 days. Contact Fixers Japan for details.

Credit Card Payment

 What can Fixers Japan do for us?

Fixers Japan is able to research locations, track down people, translate, interview, hire local crew, arrange equipment, drive vehicle, and make reservation for accommodations, etc. We can apply for filming permits when necessary, and help you lift and move heavy equipment.
These are only a few examples of our services but importantly, your fixer will be your right-hand man to make your production smooth out. Make an inquiry today if your needs are not listed!

 Do I need a permit to shoot in Japan?

Depending on the size of professional shoots, usage of a tripod in public areas, parking needs shooting permits are required and can be applied for with the local police department. Unfortunately there are locations in Japan that are impossible to get a filming permits. There are many requirements that must be fulfilled to get a filming permit and is a time consuming and complex process. Locations must be thoroughly scouted, as specific conditions must be written during the application process. As with any major city, construction on buildings, roads, security precautions, neighborhood concerns are all factors that are considered requiring an allotment of time for your fixer. .

 What are the costs of shooting permits?

Cost of shooting permits is dependent on location. Generally there is a processing small fee to the local police department for shooting in public areas.
Please note there are cost that maybe be applied for translations that might be needed.
Please contact Fixers Japan to discuss permits in detail.

 What is the time frame required to get a permit?

Simple permits can be obtained within a week, whereas larger shoots and complex cases will take longer. .

 What are the rules for shooting on trains and busses?

In order to shoot on train platforms, station entrances and exits permission must be obtained from the company you wish to film at. Please note this is a complex, time-consuming process.
Filming on the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka (bullet trains) is strictly prohibited. Contact Fixers Japan for inquires for filming on the Shinkansen.

 What if I want to shoot on private property?

Shooting on private properties is usually down to negotiation of a fee, which varies from building to building. As in any big city, it helps to have the right budget for an ambitious location schedule.

 We are an independent production company; can Fixers Japan assist us?

We welcome projects of all size as long as budgeting, filming schedules and terms and conditions are agreeable for both parties. Please feel free to contact Fixers Japan.

 We only need a translator for an hour. Is it possible?

Sorry! We work per day basis only. Please feel free to contact us at Fixers Japan.

 Can Fixers Japan support our visa for visiting Japan?

Please contact your local Japanese Embassy to find information about visiting Japan. We issue an official invitation letter ONLY to our client who has concluded to work with us.

 Can Fixers Japan arrange equipment for our shoot in Japan?

This is our specialty. Make a list of what you need. We have a partnership with various suppliers. Equipment availability will depend on brands and at times the duration of your desired booking. For certain equipment rentals, there may be a deposit required based on a percentage. Please feel free to ask us.

 Can Fixers Japan arrange a camera crew in addition to a fixer?

Fixers Japan is an experienced team and will have no problem. Many journalist and directors we have worked with flyover and rely on us for any bilingual local crew needs (ex: DoP, AC, Field Sound Recordist, HMUA, Driver, etc) while in Japan. We can help you to save cost and time! Contact us.

 Will we need to hire a vehicle in Tokyo?

You can easily reach from a location to another location by train, metro, and bus that is very cost effective. However, if you are carrying heavy equipment with you or going to suburbs or looking for efficient way to move around, you better hire a car. Our fixer will be happy to arrange a suitable vehicle upon your request in the region where you are going. Check our vehicle arrangement page from here.

 Can Fixers Japan book hotels for us?

Yes, Fixers Japan can book hotels for you! Just send us your requirements and price range. You can make your payments at the hotel. Japanese hotels generally only accept cash and major credit cards. Luxury hotels may have a 10-15% service charge added to your final bill, as tipping is a part of Japanese culture.
Please remember that a consumption tax of 8% is standard.

 How much is the standard tip?

Tipping is not expected or required for any services provided to you in Japan

 What is the consumption tax rate in Japan?

The consumption tax rate that will be applied to all services you receive while in Japan will be at a rate of 10%. (As of Jan 2024)

 Do you accept currencies other than Japanese Yen?

Fixers Japan currently only accepts payments in Japanese Yen basis for wire transfers payment. Occasionally we can acept US dolla and Euros on cash pament.

 Will Fixers Japan be able to travel with us?

Absolutely Yes! Fixers Japan has an office in heart of Tokyo and we cover all of Japan. Our fixers are based anywhere in the country and can be arranged to meet with you.
Be sure to check the estimated travel time on our “Tips About Japan” about reaching cities from Tokyo.